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About SMA Metrostar

SMA Metrostar Inc. 1989 Date, Food Marketing industry quality products at competitive prices, aiming to reach consumers, the Pendik district opened a closed area of ​​300 m2.

SMA Metrostar Inc. Keep pace with rapid changes in the business world, enterprise infrastructure, to be a follower of innovation, experienced personnel, at the right time in the right place by taking manageable risks, positive thinking, focused on customer satisfaction targets to go after the stability studies to determine the right strategies in the marketing of foodstuffs in the long-term success brought about.

In order to provide better service in accordance with this success, and in 2006 in Tuzla - Orhanli resort with a total covered area of ​​14.500 m2 open area 9500 m2, renovated central building of the new switch has a fleet of 95 vehicles.

'WE ARE HERE FOR YOU' come out with the slogan marketing industry foodstuffs 22 th year behind us, our people in all parts of the country has been working to provide cheap and high quality products for the purpose of the company continues to invest in it oday, in the Marmara region, in other areas of activity, our company recently has been working to serve our people with the same care.

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