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About Us

1989 Date Pendik / Istanbul 300 m2 closed area in a modest way the company started its operations in the food marketing industry developed very quickly over time, and the institutionalization of developing today by completing the Tuzla / Orhanli town in a closed area of 9500 m2 total area 14 500 m2 of open customers' requests quickly a fleet of 70 vehicles to meet a contemporary vision, experienced staff and strong marketing industry continues its activities with the financial support of foodstuffs.

Our Mission
Accordance with the principle of customer satisfaction comes first and foremost to our customers in accordance with customers' requests whenever they want it hygienic, healthy and the principle of our company is committed to providing quality products. Regarded as indispensable to human health that the greatest value to our people, our company adopt all necessary measures to ensure a healthy food consumption has made the task itself.

Vision 'WE ARE HERE FOR YOU' starting out with the slogan of our people in all parts of the country has been working with the company to provide cheap and high quality products for the purpose of this proceeding apace. Today, our company operates in the Marmara region in the next time you have to serve in other regions, with the power of our people, working.